Late payment in sports clubs: One of the big problems

Late payment , a word feared by many companies and, of course, also by sports clubs.

Late payment is an unpleasant situation caused by late payment of an invoice. We could also define it in a more professional way. In the words of Bradin J.A. (1998), delinquency is an unexpected event in the life of the company that upsets the collection expectations, eliminating expected cash inflows. This helps to reduce liquidity and the ability to meet payment obligations. In other words, “be stiff” when you should have money.

Let’s move on to action:

First of all, you have to make sure that you are facing a case of delinquency (also called “hard face”). It is essential to verify that it is not an administrative ruling. To do this, you have to go to the bank and review all the statements. If the payment has been made in cash, you have to check that the data is well pointed out … In short, a job that will occupy a large part of your time and, all this, assuming that you do not have many delinquent people in the club. If so, we suggest that you hire the collector of the Frac.

As soon as it is evident that it is not an administrative problem and it is confirmed that the person has not had any personal problem (that is, that they do not pay because they do not feel like it), they should proceed to inform this person that has a debt with the club. In the best of cases, this person will pay in a not very long period of time, but the vast majority of the time you will have to be behind them for a long time. Prepare to deal with the situation throughout the sports season. What an unpleasant situation, right? I wouldn’t want it for myself!

And now you ask yourself, is there any way to reduce delinquencies in my sports club? We anticipate that there are some ways. And that, by applying them, over time you will be able to reduce it a lot, to almost eliminate it.


First, you must observe what payment method or methods you offer in your club . Check it with the methods that appear in the table (reference: Manel Valcarce’s blog), and see if you are using the appropriate payment methods. You may be using the ones with the highest risk of delinquency.

Payment method Risk Availability Commitment Trust
Cash *** ** * ***
Bank transfer *** *** * ***
Direct debit ** *** ** ***
Credit card * ** *** **
Online platform * ** *** *

Once you are aware of the characteristics of each payment method, you can reduce the level of delinquent people you have in your club. Either adding new forms of payment, increasing the alternatives for your members or opting for those in which the risk is minimal. In this post we expand the information on the different forms of payment that you can have in your sports club .

From Esportter, we recommend and encourage you to use online platforms to help you manage your club’s collections, thereby reducing the level of delinquency.

With Esportter you will be able to manage the one-time or recurring charges of your athletes, send the payments and know at the moment who has paid you and who has not. Esportter helps you reduce the time you invest in these procedures. Also, if someone doesn’t pay you, you can set up weekly reminders so that they are automatically sent to whoever you choose. Forget being behind people and let specific tools do it for you! Try Playoff or Clupik to control all club payments.

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