Save money at your sports club. 8 practical tips

“Money that flying came, goes the same way” and so that this does not happen, it is necessary to set a series of guidelines to save money and carry out effective and efficient management of your sports club accounts. Good management of financial resources will be accompanied by both sporting successes and greater satisfaction of members.

We leave you a series of practical tips that can help you save money in your sports club. Don’t worry, you don’t need to study an economics degree to carry them out, with a little organization and time, it’s enough.


No, today’s post is not about popular sayings. We leave that for another day.  Although it seems logical, there are times when is spent beyond the club’s possibilities . Meeeeec! Big mistake. You have to mutate like a snake and adapt to reality like a chameleon to the degree that the situation and the club’s project demand it.


It’s a real bummer asking for bills even for your athletes’ breakfast. However, the fact of having good organization and caution in this aspect will help you to have a better control of the club’s accounts. It will be easier for you to do the annual financial balance. Therefore, always have your invoices organized. For example, on invoices that are exempt from VAT, on the one hand, and invoices for which you must pay taxes on the other.


Not only do you have to be aware of expenses, but you also have to optimize the resources available. These resources are not only materials, since time is also one of them and, to optimize it, do not forget about the increasing and better use of technology, which will help you solve and organize questions in a faster and easier way . As we say in Esportter, “time is money”. Give the value it has to yours.


If they are ants, surely they are not necessary. Is it necessary to buy bottles of water each game having bottles and a tap? Was it necessary to hire 500 mb fiber without even having a computer in the office? They are still small expenses that do not involve a great effort at the time of paying them, but if you end up adding them at the end of the month, the figure is much higher than you imagined.


What assets? If for not having, I don’t even have where to train! No matter how little your club owns, it sure has assets. Having an updated list that includes all the material assets of your organization will help you to have control over everything that the club owns. It is important to have an overview, update it as there are changes and include them in balance sheets and income statements.


There are always people clueless with payments at the club. Yes? Don’t worry, it sure happens even in the smallest clubs in the world. Understand that it is something that happens, but not for that reason you have to let it pass. Get up to date and check daily that these payments are carried out.

It is a tedious task, but there are applications that allow you to ignore all the work of payment monitoring to save key time in this regard. In this post we talk about 4 ways to charge your club members . By the way, if any member still does not pay, beware. Once can be justified, but when it happens repeatedly, something smells of scorch …


Love data! They will give you very valuable information. Collect data from everything in your power and analyze it. This will help you improve and know how much time and effort you are investing in your club.

It will help you set measurable goals for your club . This way, you’ll feel compelled to track, measure, draw conclusions, and start over.


Today you read the post and you are excited to carry out all this in your club, which would be the ideal, but remember that this must be a daily and constant work. Rome was not made in a day, and the transformation of your club towards an example in financial management, neither. Be patient, but consistent.

You have a headache after reading so many things, right? I do not doubt it. Meanwhile chameleon, snake, ant, parrot … your club can look like a zoo. Do not laugh. Even these sites full of wild animals have procedures to save money in their day to day.

As we have said before, use technology as an ally and rely on specific tools. They will help you manage your members’ payments, notify them of automatic payment deadlines and a multitude of topics related to your club’s finances. With Esportter , half of the types described above will be a breeze! What are you waiting for to try this free sports management platform ?

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